flowers of Burma
BURMESE artist Khin Myint will be demonstrating why she has become so well-known in her native country when she holds her first UK exhibition in the Radlett Centre.
       The exhibition entitled Untrampled Flowers runs from next Saturday, June 7, until June 28.
       Khin was the first woman to have a nude painting hung in public in Burma, a country under strict military control, and she was also one of the first to experiment with abstract art in what is a highly-traditional environment
        She now lives in Herts and her current work is a fusion of Burmese ethnic art and western abstraction and colour, incorporating such elements as hessian, string and gold leaf.
       Many of the paintings are based on observations of the natural world although some have darker overtones.
       Further information is available by visiting

from the Herts Advertiser,
May 29, 2003

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Bush House's naked artist

SHE WAS THE first female artist to exhibit a nude painting in military-controlled Burma and uses bold colours, abstract images and hand-made textiles in direct contrast with traditional Burmese art which she describes as 'characterised by drab colours and realistic subject matter'.
       Now unconventional artist Khin Myint Myint, relationship marketing officer in World Service, has set up her first one-woman exhibition in the UK after two years of work on the 22 paintings in the collection.
       'I wanted to demonstrate my liberation by painting nudes,' says Burmese-born Khin of her controversial work in the 70s, featuring nude figures from the back. 'It's possible that I restricted myself to back views because of psychological pressure, but I do like back views!'
       Her younger brother Sun Myint had almost all of his nude paintings banned from public display.
       Khin swapped Rangoon for Rickmansworth in 1991. In 1996 she married her husband Steve and joined World Service, where she deals with correspondence from Burmese listeners and other letters from around the world. She works four days a week in Bush House, and devotes the other three to painting.
       Khin's exhibition, Untrampled Flowers, is at the Radlett Centre's Apthorp Gallery until June 28. 

From BBC Ariel,
June 17. 2003
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